Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Spinning THings Studio Session 9/28/04

m1 picked up some sexy Mackie monitors for the Cat Box last night. We set them up and went to work on re-mixing Spinning Things initial recording. M1 showed that seom light compression and the slightest of echo on the vocals brought it out. And we tweaked the piano with a small room eVerb model.

The issue is we are using a Proteus 2000 sound module and it likes to present a stereo two channel signal. We were running out of inputs and figuring we would ultimately use a real piano in the final tracks. SO the two channel signal is collapsed in a Roland keyboard amp mixer and set to the MOTU 828 as a single mono line signal. WHich sounded rather dead. So we added some eVerb and reintroduced the the stereo to it. Probably a reasonable solution for the short run. The organ doesn't seem to suffer as much from this and in many cases sound better and is easier to mix when it is a simple dry signal.

The lead guitar is a problem in this song so far. The distrotion sound is very heavy on the mid-range and without bass it is even more evident. A tweak of eq here and there with a guitar plate reverb with lower hi-cut seemed to help. Additon of the bass when the full ensemble plays on thursday will do much to balance those mids. I'm using a MXL 2001 on the guitar cabinet but I am thinking of switiching it back to the sm57 in close on the cone and using the MXL 2001 on the snare and high hat.

the Mackie HR624s are showing us a true picture of what we have and I am quite pleased that the basic raw tracks are as good as they are. A testement to MXL microphones, good mics, cheap. Definately a step way up from dynamics alone.

Here is the microphones now in use in the Cat Box Not a huge number but they are getting the job done:

MXL 2001
MXL V69 Mogami
MXL 990
MXL 991

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