Monday, November 19, 2007

Guitar for Vets!!

Attention one and all. The day has arrived for the Airborne Eagle guitar to be auctioned off on eBay. We need your help in either (A) bidding on the thing or (B) spreading the word like crazy. The more it brings in the more the Vets benefit. Please forward this to anyone and everyone. The auction will run through 11/25/07. 10 Days. The link to the auction is some giant nightmare that ebay generated. For easier navigation go to any of the following: A link is right on the front page of This is the page with all the eagle pics and specs. Link is located at the top of the page A small link is in the UPDATES section or click on the EVENTS tab. We need this 1 last push (until the next one) Thanks for your time and effort! P.S. we still are selling shirts for $15 and have a couple 75mm shell lamps available. Steve Benford

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